Ben’s Comp Newsletter

I’ve worked with Ben McEwan on many projects, and at several different studios over the past few years. Not only is he a smart comp supervisor, with great technical skills, he’s a bona fide nice bloke, and he’s always happy to share his knowledge.

He has taught at Vancouver Film School, and he has written an online python course. But other the point of this post is to tell you about his bi-weekly Comp Newsletter. If you aren’t already subscribed to this you really should be.

Every two weeks Ben sends out this newsletter, which contains tips, links to new tools that he has either developed himself, or discovered elsewhere, interviews that he has conducted with compositors and other VFX artists from around the world, and some of his own thoughts about the less technical side of working in the VFX industry.

All you have to do to get this in your inbox ever other Monday is sign up here. And if you like it, consider supporting it on Patreon.