Finding Your .nuke Folder

The .nuke folder is created automatically when you install Nuke and it is important to know about when you want to start customizing how Nuke works. It’s where you can install plug-ins and python scripts. It is also where you can find the and files. These two python files are vital when you want to start doing things like adding your own keyboard shortcuts, changing default values on node, or creating your own menus.

But the .nuke folder is hidden by default so this video shows you where how to find it. I show you several ways to see hidden files on a Mac, including how to use the Terminal, and how to show hidden files in Finder.

MacOS Finder Keyboard Shortcuts

To move up one directory from where you are currently: ⌘+↑
To open up Go To Folder dialogue: SHIFT+⌘+G
To toggle hidden visability of folders and files: SHIFT+⌘+.

Mac Terminal Commands

To move to another directory use cd for change directory and then the directory name eg. cd .nuke
To move up one directory from where you are currently: cd ..
To return to your home directory from anywhere use the ~ shortcut: cd ~
To list the files and folders in the current directory: ls
To list all of the files and folders, including hidden ones: ls -a