Connecting and Moving Nodes in Nuke with Keyboard Shortcuts

In this video I show you a few simple keyboard shortcuts for connecting nodes and moving nodes in your Nuke script. Knowing some of these simple shortcuts can really speed up your compositing in Nuke

In summery:

With two nodes selected, pressing Y will connect the input of which ever node was selected first, to the other node. Shift+Y will connect the input of the second node selected to the first.

CTR+SHIFT+X (⌘+SHIFT+X on a Mac) will disconnect any selected nodes from the rest of your script.

CTR/⌘ + ↑ or CTR/⌘ + ↓ will move the selected node up or down the branch, leapfrogging other nodes above or below it.

Holding shift while you create a new node will automatically put the new node on a new branch of your script.

Pressing Shift+X will swap the inputs of the selected node, eg switch A and B.