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This page contains my recent news, musings and interesting stuff I’ve seen loosely based around my industry.


My First Pluralsight Course – Retiming Footage in NUKE

I have recently finished recording my first ever online training course. It’s and advanced retiming tutorial that covers all of the retiming tools in Nuke and gives some tips about how to get the best results with them.

I show you how to offset your clips, match time changes made by an editor, speed up footage and add motion blur, and slow down your footage with optical flow, and include some techniques for cleaning up your results.

You can get to the course here, but you need to subscribe to Pluralsight to watch it.

Check out a preview of it:

0 Playlist is a website that collects playlists from creative professionals. They asked me to put together a collections of tunes and write about how music has influenced my life and my career.

It was a tough challenge to try and reduce the list down to 20 tracks but it was it a fun exercise. I could have created 10 more lists with completely different songs.

I feel like my selection is a little more pop than some of the others that they have collected but sometimes you need a bit of pop to bring some light into the dark VFX offices.

Click through here to find the playlist on Spotify and read about the tracks that I picked.


Behind The Scenes Of Jurassic World with Image Engine

Joao Sita was the compositing supervisor at Image Engine for Jurassic World. He recently sat down with The Foundry to talk about how we went about the work. This talk is pretty detailed and has a couple of really nice breakdowns of a several shots, including one of my shots looking down at the four raptors.

The Foundry Sessions: Behind the scenes on Jurassic World with Image Engine from The Foundry on Vimeo.


Image Engine Jurassic World VFX Breakdown

Yesterday Image Engine posted a really slick breakdown reel and a shorter showreel of some of the work they did for this year’s smash Jurassic World. Based on how most of the press featured ILM’s work I think people might be surprised at how much work Image Engine actually did.


JURASSIC WORLD SHOW REEL from Image Engine on Vimeo.

I was a compositor at Image Engine for Jurassic World and there are several of my shots featured in this reel.

It was a tough project to work on, with lots of overtime, but looking back on the work after 6 months I’m pretty proud of the amount,and quality of the work we did on such a huge movie.


Interview With VFXcz


Back in 2008, when I spent three months at Escape Studios, one of my classmates was Vladimir Valovic. Since Escape, Vlad has been working as a compositor in London, Prague and Vancouver.

Vlad contributes to the website VFXcz and asked if he could interview me about my career so far. I have always liked helping other people with their careers so I was happy to oblige. I talk about Escape Studios, the differences between working in London and Vancouver, and some of the things I’ve learned during my career.

You can read the interview in English here, or the version that Vlad translated into his native Slovak here.


Golden Kingdom Trailer


Today saw the release of the trailer for Golden Kingdom. Golden Kingdom was shot in Myanmar by Brian Perkins, who is a friend of my friend Miles Lauridsen.

Miles and I delivered over 50 VFX shots for the project last year. This trailer is the first time I’ve seen the graded footage and I think it looks fantastic.

The film is having it’s premiere at the Berlin Film Festival today and you can read more about it over at Indiewire.


UK Chappie Trailer

Today Sony Pictures UK released their own trailer for Chappie. It’s very different from the international trailer release last week.

There are some odd audio edits but overall I think it’s a much better trailer and does a good job of setting up the movie without showing EVERYTHING.

In a world that is increasingly online, and when people complain about globalization wiping out cutural differences between countries, I always find it fascinating when movie studios feel that they need to market movies so differently between countries, especially English speaking countries that share so much media already.

Compare for yourself and I’d love to hear which trailer you think is better in the comments below.

UK Trailer:

International Trailer:


Sony Imageworks Sizzle Reel


The Alpha Mimic explodes


Sony Imageworks have posted a new reel of their VFX and animation work.

I was only at Sony for 3 months, to work on Edge Of Tomorrow, but the very last shot in the reel was one that I spent several weeks working on.


New Chappie Trailer

This morning Sony released a new trailer for Chappie, the next Neill Blomkamp movie, that I have been working on for almost a year at Image Engine.


Golden Kingdom

golden_kingdomLast year I helped out my friend Miles Lauridsen, who was, in turn, helping out his friend Brian Perkins. Brian had written and directed a film called Golden Kingdom. It was in the final stages of editing and needed some VFX, which is where Miles and I stepped in.

The VFX are now done and the film is close to completion but Brian is looking for crowdfunding to finish the movie and raise money for some community work in Myanmar, where he shot the movie.

Please check out his video for the Indie Go Go campaign, and consider contributing. You can follow Golden Kingdom on Facebook or Twitter. I will post more about the work we did on the movie at a later date, once the movie has been released.

Golden Kingdom Indie Go Go Pitch Video from Bank & Shoal on Vimeo.