New LinkedIn Learning Course

I am pleased to announce that the first course that I have written for LinkedIn Learning is now online. It is called “How A Visual Effects Company Works”

I wrote this course because I often find that VFX students often assume that they are going to do everything in a project themselves (I did when I was at university). This means that they try to learn EVERYTHING, which is impossible, so they feel like they are failing.

So with this course I decided to take a step back and show that visual effects is a huge team process,  and how VFX then fit into an even bigger team process of making a movie. My hope is that this will allow students to feel like it’s OK to concentrate on specific skills, rather than feeling bad that they don’t know every step of the process in detail. I also hope it shows students that, as well as learning software and techniques, they also need to think about soft skills, like communication, people management and working with a team.

So if you think this sounds useful, please check out “How A Visual Effects Company Works” on LinkedIn Learning.