The Finest Hours

After Image Engine I took a quick contract at back at MPC to help out on The Finest Hours, before starting at Digital Domain.

My contract was only 3 months long, and I had a 5 week holiday in the middle of that, so I was actually only on the show for a couple of months. But there was plenty of overtime in those two months.

The Finest Hours is about a real life shipwreck rescue that happened off the coast of Cape Cod back in the 50s. This meant that there was lots of rain and and water sims.

Everything was rendered with deep data, and this was the first time I’d really got to work with deep renders. I learned a lot, and quickly realized how much flexibility deep data gave us in comp. After this show I wanted every render from then on to be rendered with deep data.

I joined the show late, and left before it was finished, and it wasn’t a great movie in the end, but I learned a lot, earned lots of OT cash, and got to work with some great people, so it was a fun project overall.