Stereoscopic Content on The Web

3D glasses

Over the past couple of months I’ve been looking into stereoscopic 3D issues at work. One of the problems I had during the process is that I just hadn’t seen enough stereoscopic content to be able to make judgements on what we were doing so I’ve been trying to find as much stuff on the web as I can. It does mean I’ve been spending a lot of time looking cool with anaglyph glasses on at my desk.

YouTube has quite lot of 3D movie trailers and they have done a really good job of building a player that is flexible enough to change how it shows the content depending on your display.

Here is an example:

This week I found the stereoscopic channel on Vimeo. Now most of this stuff is anaglyph only and the Vimeo player isn’t sophisticated enough to offer other options yet, but because Vimeo is aimed at the more creative crowed than YouTube there is some really interesting stuff there. Watching some of this stuff has opened my eyes to how 3D can be used in different forms, not just in feature films. There are some really cool animations and motion graphics.

Here are a couple that have caught my attention:

There is also a large collection stereoscopic stills on Flickr

Seeing 3D being used in so many different forms has really solidified my belief that 3D is here to stay. So grab your anaglyph glasses and get stuck in.

Let me know if you know of other good places to find stereo stuff.