Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 2

After finishing on Part 1 there was a couple of months down time for me.

Both parts of The Deathly Hallows were supposed to be converted into 3D but because of when the decision was made we weren’t asked to deliver any of our work for Part 1 in stereo. It was going to be converted by a different vendor. We knew though that we would have to deliver most of our work for Part 2 in stereo, and that included converting 2D elements into 3D.

Framestore had already worked on Avatar in stereo, and delivered a few of the Narnia shots in stereo too, but we hadn’t done much in the way of converting 2D plates into 3D. A colleague and I were asked to spend the quiet period doing some research into possible conversion workflows and techniques.

Once the project ramped up I did a few regular compositing shots but ended up leading the stereo work, which included setting up the convergence and inter-occular distance for each shot.

Our CG elements were rendered in stereo but we had to convert the plates with the actors in using Nuke. I found myself setting up a lot of shots that I handed off to other artists to finish but I did get to work one really tough conversion shot through to the end.

I really enjoyed the film. I think it is probably the best feature I’ve worked on so far. When I think about where I was just over 3 years ago I find it hard to believe that I have had a credit in the final two Harry Potter movies.