Harry Potter 7A Compositing Reel

I was planning to update my compositing showreel with these Harry Potter shots but when I started editing it I decided it was too long so I took out my other work and created a Potter only reel.

The Deathly Hallows Part 1 was only my second show as a compositor and I think I got some pretty cool shots. The sequence with Dobby and Kreacher had long lingering shots so we had to get the CG looking perfect. Fortunately there had been plenty of R&D time and the renders were looking really good when we got them so I could spend my time getting the interactions right.

The charm hit shots with Lucius Malfoy were good fun and I got to experiment a lot with the particle passes rendered from the FX TD. Someone else had already done a lot of the keying and set up the face replacements but I had to finish them off and get them finalled.

Surprisingly I probably spent the most time working on the two bus shots. There was a lot of fine tuning with the keys and the lighting. It was worth it though as they were used in loads of the marketing and I saw them every morning on the video billboards on the tube.

The music is The Prodigy remix of 99 Problems, that I found on SoundCloud, there is a version with the lyrics there too.