Compositor at Image Engine

I joined Image Engine in April 2012 to work on Elysium. After Elysium I moved onto R.I.P.D. and then Lone Survivor.

The projects were mixed, Elysium was one of the best projects I’ve ever worked on, R.I.P.D. one of the worst, but overall I really enjoyed my time at Image Engine.

The company is a good size. Big enough that they can take on bigger projects, but not so big that you didn’t feel like an important part of the process.

I got the feeling that management there were more honest with the staff than at any other place I have worked. They kept everyone well informed of important company news, good or bad, and explained their decisions.

I also felt that they appreciated their staff. There were lots of perks, like free food trucks in the parking lot for lunch, project or department trips and generous rewards for “Employee Of The Month”.

Although there wasn’t beer every Friday, like MPC, when they did provide it, there was plenty to go around – and their 4K screening room is amazing!

I left Image Engine in May 2013 because they just didn’t have any work on over the summer.