Jurassic World

Jurassic Park is a bona fide classic movie, and many visual effects artists site it as a huge influence in their career choice. This meant I was always going to have mixed feelings about working on Jurassic World (Jurassic Park 4) at Image Engine.

Image Engine created a large portion of the shots with the raptors in, so we had some important parts of the movie. There was also some environment work with CG jungle and matte paintings.

The assets we were working with were pretty detailed and we got some great renders from the CG department, but we still had to do a lot in comp to get the shots to where they wanted them.

During Chappie, my previous project at Image Engine, we did very little overtime, but Jurassic World was a different beast. There were a lot of late nights and 6 day weeks. It really wasn’t fun.

But in hindsight I think the work we did looked pretty good, and we did a significant part of one of the biggest VFX movies of the year. And the movie turned out to be a lot more fun then I was expecting.

I got to work on some really nice close up shots of the raptors, as well as a few good action shots.

The Image Engine breakdown of their work is one of the coolest breakdowns I’ve seen:


And this is one of my shots, that was featured in the reel: