New Compositing Podcast – A Over B

Last week I found a new VFX podcast, dedicated entirely to compositing. A Over B is hosted by Matt Leonard and Ben Greasley from the training company Sphere VFX.

I already subscribe to most of the FX Guide podcasts. They are well produced and I find them an easy way to keep up to date with industry news. But until now they have been the only source of VFX podcasts I could find and although I enjoy them, there are only so many hours of Mike Seymour I can listen to in a week. There used to be other podcasts, but they all seem to have stopped in the last few years. Maybe they felt FX Guide was doing such a good job that they didn’t need to keep going.

Anyway it is nice to see another organisation stepping up and starting a podcast, even if Matt Leonard is a professor at FX PHD and is often on the FX Guide podcasts. It is also good to have a podcast solely dedicated to compositing.

I listened to the first episode of A Over B while I was working last week. It was a pretty good start. They had 20 minutes of news at the beginning of the show, when they talked about some new plug-ins and gizmos and then they went into an interview with compositor Victor Perez, who created some of the gizmos found on Nukepedia. The presentation style was a little dry and the interview had a few moments that felt a little aimless, but I’m sure after a few shows they will get more comfortable and create something a little slicker. I’ll certainly give the next few episodes a listen.

On a side note, I’ve always liked the idea of doing a podcast but I’ve never felt I have enough to talk about, or the time to do it properly. I have respect for anyone who just gets on with it and creates one.