Salt Wire Removal Breakdown

Salt is finally out on DVD so I can post this shot that I worked on way back in the summer of 2009.

This is probably one of the hardest paint shots that I’ve had to do. The rope is slack so it flaps all over Angelina’s jacket and face. There is a lot of movement and some drastic lighting changes, which made it almost impossible to track in patches, but the movement isn’t fast enough to hide any mistakes in the paint work.

I used Silhouette to paint the wire out frame-by-frame over her jacket, hands and face. I had some help from Katarzyna Ancuta who tracked in patches for the roof of the truck and recreated Angelia’s shadows. I then combined our two clean plates in Shake.

I was working on this shot at the same time as Avatar was in progress so I didn’t spent all day every day on this but it did take me 5 weeks.

You can read a much more detailed explanation of  my frame-by-frame painting technique here.