Compositor at Framestore

Nanny McPhee Movie Poster

Nanny McPhee Movie Poster

After a year in the paint and roto department at Framestore I was promoted to compositor. Compositing involves combining various elements to produce the final shot. We almost always have live action elements shot by the crew on set, sometimes in front of a blue or green screen. As well as these we often have renders from the 3D department or matte paintings. Mattes and cleanplates from the paint and roto department are also used by compositors.

My first project as a compositor was Nanny McPhee and The Big Bang. It was a really fun show to work on and I got a good range of shots to cut my teeth on from simple bluescreens to CG elephant trunks.

My second project was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. Framestore didn’t have a large number of shots on this show but the work we produced looks amazing.

When I started as a compositor we were still using Shake for some of the work but we have now completely switch to Nuke.

We work closely with the VFX Supervisor responsible for the project. I really enjoy being the last person to work on a shot before it is sent to the client, sometimes only a matter of weeks before the film is released.