New Forum – VFX Nation

I’ve have spent the last week posting on a new forum called VFX Nation – It has been setup by a group of experienced VFX artists who wanted to create a new online community for people working in the VFX industry. They have been running the site with a small group of testers up until now but this morning they declared it ready for the world and asked us to spread the word.

The site admins sent this e-mail out this moring, I think it does a better job of stating their aims then I could:

VFXNation was created out of a shared desire for a community where professional artists, students, software developers, supervisors and anyone who has a hand in creating visual effects can meet to find solutions, share insights, and advance the community through dialog and inquiry. It is our hope that by providing an open and professional environment, we can bring together not only familiar names and faces, but also the larger untapped pool of talent and knowledge.

We are dedicated to doing everything we can to foster the sort of interconnected VFX community that we as artists and developers have always imagined, but we can only provide a platform; you are the missing link that creates and completes that community.

This is the beginning of what will undoubtedly be a long-evolving process. Over the following days and weeks, we will be expanding the forums as needed, polishing the look, and further honing our concept and goals. Throughout this process, we will be relying heavily on your input to shape VFXNation into the community that you would find most useful.

So please, tell your co-workers, tell your friends, spread the word and let us know what we can do to help VFXNation contribute to your development as an artist, producer or developer. Welcome aboard, and thank you for contributing your voice.

Please do not go posting news about it on forums that you don’t own or have explicit permission by the owners to do so.

– The VFXNation Admins

You will find me on there posting under the user name ‘radders’.