VFX Talk Link Reinstated

I used to visit VFX Talk every day but over the Christmas holidays VFX Talk blew up. I stopped visiting the site and removed the link from my links page. Lots of other users left but some tried to save the site from self-destruction. Eventually Jah, the site owner who was causing all the problems, realized that things had gone too far for the site to survive if he stayed in charge. He handed over admin access to two of the most senior members of the forum Andreas.Jablonka and Gentle Fury. They have managed to return the site to pretty much the state it was in before Christmas.

Since Christmas I have been a member of the new forumVFX Nation and have been visiting there more often that VFX Talk. But I have checked back to VFX Talk a few times since the hand over of power to see how thing were going. This week one of the first posts I found answered the python problem I was having that morning, so I thought it was only fair to restore the link on my site.